Rules and Regulations

The rules of a condominium are put in place to promote everyone's safety, security, and welfare. They help ensure all owners can enjoy living in their condominium and protects your property and the condominium's assets.

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Peel Condominium Corporation No. 194 Rules and Regulations

Effective January 1, 2014

WHEREAS Section 58(1) of the Condominium Act, S.O. 1998, c. 19 (hereinafter the "Act") provides that the Board may make rules respecting the use of the common elements and units to promote the safety, security or welfare of the Owners, the property and assets of the Corporation, or to prevent unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of the common elements, the units or the assets of the Corporation;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following be passed as Rules of Condominium Corporation No. 194 (hereinafter the "Corporation");


All previous Rules and Regulations of the Corporation are hereby repealed.

The following Rules shall be observed by each Owner, and the term "Owner" shall mean owner as defined in the Act for purposes of compliance with the Act, Declaration, By Laws and Rules and includes Residents, occupants and/or tenants or their families, visitors, guests of any of the above.

The terms used herein shall have the same meaning as the terms in the Condominium Act.


These Rules apply to all present and future Owners who shall be subject to and shall comply with the provisions of the Act, the Declaration, the By-Laws and any other rules and Regulations of the Corporation.

In addition to all other means of enforcement available to the Corporation, attention is directed to Section 134 of the Act which provides that a duty imposed by the Act, the Declaration, the By-Laws or the Rules (hereinafter referred to as "Documentation") may be enforced by an order of the Court directing the performance of duty.

Any and all losses, costs or damages incurred by the Corporation by reason of a breach of any provision in these rules or other Documentation of the Corporation in force from time to time, by any Owner, shall be borne and/or paid for by such Owner and may be recovered on a solicitor and client basis by the Corporation against such Owner in the same manner as common expenses or as may be provided in the Condominium Act or in any other lawful manner.


  1. Each Unit shall be occupied and used only as a private single family residence and shall not be used for the purpose of supplying accommodation or lodging with or without meals for compensation or gain.

  2. No unit shall be used for any business, commercial or professional purpose including the office of a doctor, dentist, lawyer, chiropractor or drugless practitioner. A home based business or general home based office is acceptable as long as it does not involve clients coming to the residence.

  3. No sign, advertisement or notice which is visible from the outside of the unit other than an ordinary sign offering the unit for sale or rent shall be inscribed, painted or affixed or placed on any part of the inside or outside of the unit or common elements whatsoever without prior written permission from the Board.

  4. Nothing, including air conditioners, shall be placed, hung or suspended on the outside of window sills or projections of the units, other than window boxes, trim, without prior written permission from the Board.

  5. No Owner shall place, leave or permit to be placed or left in or upon the common elements including those which he/she has the exclusive use, any debris, refuse or garbage except on days designated by the City of Mississauga as garbage pick up day, and then only at such places as are designated by the Board.

  6. Owners and their families, guests, visitors, servants and agents shall not create or permit the creation or continuance of any noise or nuisance which, in the opinion of the Board, may or does disturb the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the units or common elements by the Owner or their respective families, guests, visitors and persons having business with them.

  7. Water shall not be left running in any unit unless in actual use. Plumbing fixtures and equipment shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were designed, and no sweepings, garbage, rubbish or other substances shall be placed therein. Any damage to the sewerage system of the property caused by the act of any owner or occupant of a unit shall be repaired at the expense of the owner of the unit.

  8. No television, radio or other antenna, aerial, tower or similar structure and appurtenances there to shall be erected on or fastened to any unit or any part of the common elements, except for in connection with a typical satellite system, etc. Under the size requirements stated in the Mississauga By-Laws, the maximum diameter for a satellite dish is 30".

  9. No Owner shall do anything or permit anything to be done that is contrary to the requirements of regulatory or health authorities.

  10. No one shall harm, mutilate, destroy, alter or litter any of the landscaping in the common areas including grass, trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers or flowerbeds.

  11. No building, structure or tent shall be erected and no trailer either with or without living, sleeping or eating accommodations shall be placed, located, kept or maintained on the common elements, including any part thereof which any Owner may have exclusive use.

  12. The sidewalks, entry, passageways, walkways and driveways used in common by the Owners shall not be obstructed by any of the Owners or be used by them for any purpose other than for ingress and egress to any of their respective units.

  13. No part of the structure of any unit and no part of the sewerage or the utility system of any unit and no part of any facility servicing more than one unit shall be altered, removed, replaced, moved or extended without prior written permission of the Board of Directors.

  14. Vinyl siding is permitted to be installed on the units, only with prior written approval from the Board of Directors as to the style and colour. The Owner is responsible to upgrade the value of their residence with their own insurance company as the PCC 194 insurance only covers the replacement/repair of the structure as originally built.

  15. No trailer, boat, snowmobile, mechanical toboggan, machinery or equipment of any kind shall be parked, kept or stored on any part of the common elements (including any part of which any Owner may have the exclusive use) other than in an enclosed garage, nor shall any repairs be made to any aforementioned thing on the common elements (including any part thereof which any Owners may have exclusive use) except on occasion with previous Board approval, and no motor vehicle or other aforementioned device shall be driven on any part of the common elements other than on a driveway, roadway or parking space.

  16. No part of the common elements other than any lawn area allocated for the exclusive use of a unit shall be landscaped or cultivated except by the Corporation or without prior written consent of the Board.

  17. Any loss, cost or damage incurred by the Corporation by reason of a breach of any rules in force from time to time by any Owner, his or her family, guests, agents or occupants of the unit shall be borne by such Owner and may be recovered by the Corporation against such Owner in the same manner as common expenses.

  18. No Owner shall do or permit anything to be done in his/her unit or bring or keep anything therein which will in any way increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance premiums on any building or on property kept therein, or obstruct or interfere with the rights of the Owners, or in any way injure or annoy them, or conflict with the Regulations of the relevant fire department or with any insurance policy carried by the Corporation or conflict with any of the Rules and Ordinances of the Local Board of Health or with any municipal By-Laws or any Provincial or Federal statute or regulation.

  19. No Owner with a fireplace is permitted to burn garbage.

  20. Nothing shall be burned or cooked in the common elements except cooking in any patio or lawn area allocated for the exclusive use of a unit other than community sponsored events and no inflammable or combustible materials shall be used therein except as aforesaid.

  21. Fireworks are not permitted on the common elements including any part thereof which any Owner may have exclusive use.

  22. Storage Sheds will be permitted for homeowners' exclusive use. Requirements are as follows:The shed must be a free standing unit, not attached to the house, garage or the fence. The maximum size must be no more than 80 sq feet. Metal/plastic or wood construction is permitted. If a wooden structure is to be built, it must meet the above criteria and be finished in the Board and Batten style and painted or sided to match the house. Prior written approval is required stating the design to be built or purchased and the lot location.

  23. No fence or barrier of any kind, except as provided in the architectural and site plans of the Declarant, shall be placed or erected on any part of the common elements including the exclusive use portions of the common elements without the prior written approval of the Board. No such approval shall be granted unless such fence or barrier complies with all municipal and private deed restrictions affecting the property.

  24. All Owners shall be responsible for noise and damage caused by their pets.

  25. No animal, livestock, fowl or reptile other than a household pet normal in a private residence in an urban residential area shall be kept on the property.

  26. No dog is permitted on the common elements without a leash, as per Mississauga By-Law 948-80. Where any such pet should urinate or defecate on the common elements the Owner of any such pet shall be responsible to immediately clean up any areas in which such pet has urinated or defecated as per Mississauga By-Law 512-83.

  27. No motor vehicle other than a private passenger automobile, station wagon, SUV, light mini van or light duty pick up truck shall be parked on any part of the common elements (including any part thereof which any Owners may have the exclusive use).

  28. No commercial motor vehicle shall be parked upon the common elements (including any part thereof which any Owner may have exclusive use.)

  29. Fire routes must be kept clear at all times.

  30. Motor vehicles must not exceed ten (10) kilometers per hour anywhere on the property.

  31. Owners shall not be permitted to park their vehicles in areas marked for Visitors Parking Only. If any Owner requires usage of the Visitor Parking for guests who will be parking more than 3 hours, a Parking Pass must be requested from any Board Member and it must be placed on the dash of said vehicle for the duration of its stay.

Indemnity of the Corporation

Any person using facilities and common element areas shall indemnify and save harmless the Corporation and its officers from any and all liability and from all claims and demands arising out of misuse of facilities, damage or injuries to person or property from any cause whatsoever in or about or in any way connected with the property and defend at the expense of the person, persons or committee to whom any permit is issued all suits which may be broth against the Corporation or its officers in respect to any such claim or demand and pay all the judgements, fines or penalties that may be rendered against the Corporation or its officers on that account.

Approved by the Board of Directors of Peel Condominium Corporation No. 194

At Mississauga, this 12th day of November in the year 2013.


Janet Thomson, President